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Tips for hosting your Christmas Day feast

Christmas Day Feast – three words that have the power to simultaneously instil delight and dread in anyone! The latter, mostly in those that are organising the Christmas Day feast. If you’re that person, our tips for hosting your Christmas Day feast couldn’t have come at a better time! Lucky for you, we know a thing or two about hosting a feast here at Cucina Rustica. And being an Italian restaurant, serving up food from a culture that is built on family gatherings, we have a lot of insights on that, too. So, stop worrying, take deep breaths and we’ll help transform you into the Christmas host/hostess of dreams!

Party Season at Cucina Rustica

Party season is creeping in and we couldn’t be happier about it! We love hosting your festive occasions and we have the perfect atmosphere and set-up for your gathering. Whether it’s a get-together with friends, family, or colleagues, you’ll have a wonderful time celebrating at Cucina Rustica.

Self-Care Week this November

Located in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, Cucina Rustica welcomes you into our lovely little Italian restaurant during this year’s Self-Care week (12th – 18th November). As a caring bunch by nature, it seems only right for us to emphasise the importance of self-care. Grab a cuppa and join us for a little read on how to look after your well-being during Self-Care Week, and in general!

Brace your-elves, our Italian Christmas Menu is here!

The nights are drawing in, the Christmas lights will soon be up and before you know it, the Christmas festivities will be in full swing. We’ve already welcomed the festivities at Cucina Rustica! Our Christmas Menu is live on our website and will be available throughout December. But have you ever wondered what a traditional Christmas is like in Italy? Keep reading to find out!

Celebrate Seafood Week with Fresh Fish Dishes at Cucina Rustica

Seafood Week aims to highlight the variety and quality of fish and shellfish on offer in the UK. Here at Cucina Rustica, we love cooking with fresh fish, sourced locally from Birmingham’s markets. This year, Seafood Week is on 5th- 12th October, and we welcome you to come and celebrate in our stylish Italian Restaurant.

Decadent Desserts at Cucina Rustica to make life sweeter

Renowned for some of the best desserts, Italians know how to make a pudding! In Italy, ‘il dolce’ is not only a sweet way to end a lunch or dinner, it’s also the way many Italians start their day.

Sweet treats and desserts are a part of the history of Italian food. And even for the most disciplined traveller, it is hard to say no to all the delicious temptations that await once in Italy. You will find that every bar, café or patisserie will offer an endless display of cookies, chocolates or some other sweet enticement. Italian desserts range in flavour from slightly bitter to sweet – usually not overwhelmingly sweet, and they are often best served with wine.

Here at Cucina Rustica, located just off the leafy St Pauls Square in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, our Dolci menu offers an array of delicious traditional Italian sweet treats. We obviously love all of them but here are a few of our favourites…

Italian cocktails you’ll love at Cucina Rustica

We serve up great modern Italian food, but we’re all about the cocktails, too! Enjoyed out on our terrace on a sunny day against the beautiful backdrop of St Paul’s Church in the Jewellery Quarter, or in our stylish restaurant, you’ll love these fine Italian cocktails at Cucina Rustica.