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Fish in Italian Cuisine

As you may already know, fish is a big part of most Mediterranean diets. In Italy, diet is determined by region – with each area cooking with what is locally available to them. Fish is better enjoyed and more popular in certain places, for this reason. Sorrento for example, is a great place to enjoy seafood recipes, where restaurants serve locally-sourced fish, using recipes that date back generations.

Birmingham Heritage Week – The best of The Jewellery Quarter

Enjoy the best of Birmingham and immerse yourself in it’s culture, history and creativity during Birmingham Heritage week this September.

With over 100 events taking place during the week, there’s plenty to keep you busy and a lot to learn about the magnificent city of Birmingham.

We’ve picked out some of the many events that are in or very close to the Jewellery Quarter, our favourite part of the city! If you attend one of our top picks, it’ll also mean you’re close by for a bite to eat from Cucina! Delicious food for an extra boost of energy and optimum enthusiasm never goes amiss!

Summer is in full swing here in St Paul’s Square

There’s always a never-ending buzz that surrounds St Paul’s Square. Bursting with creativity, culture and history the square is a great meeting ground for locals and visitors alike. Surrounded by bars and restaurants that serve incredible foods & drinks all year long, it’s a hot spot among many. But in the summer, it really does come to life! The square is a great place for sunny activities and events, with picturesque views and nearby places to dine.