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Mother’s Day the Italian Way in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter

It’s that time of year again! Mothers across the UK are about to be honoured, revered and just generally appreciated for all of their motherly traits.

And it’s not just in the UK where mothers are celebrated; Mother’s Day is a global event which spans many countries, cultures, and creeds.

In the Middle East, for example, Mother’s Day can be traced back to ancient Egypt. During this time, women and mothers especially, were held in high regard.

And, in Italy, Mother’s Day is usually kept to a simple celebration involving quality family time. Though it’s celebrated in May rather than March, mothers in Italy generally receive the same appreciation as UK mums.

There’s also a big emphasis on families coming together for a meal. This, as you might guess, is in our opinion, the very best way to celebrate.

In fact, we’re confident that an authentic meal in the beautiful Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham ticks all the boxes.

Charity Bread at Cucina Rustica

If you dined with Cucina Rustica from October to the end of 2019, you may very well have taken part in our Charity Bread scheme. In which case, we’d like to issue a huge thank you.

We’re proud to say that the campaign with Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice was a huge success, and it’s all thanks to our fantastic customers! Together we raised an amazing £859 which we decided to raise to £1000 to further aid Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice.

How Italian Afternoon Tea Became a Thing

The concept of afternoon tea is, to most people, an entirely English affair. It brings to mind images of finger sandwiches, porcelain tea cups, fresh scones and, in more modern terms, modest glasses of Prosecco.

And, of course, no afternoon tea is complete without polite English discourse about the weather, peppered with the gossip of the week.

However, afternoon tea is not an activity enjoyed solely by English ladies. After all, we at Cucina Rustica offer our own Italian Afternoon Tea every day from 12pm to 5pm.

As such, we thought we’d look into how this English tradition came to Italy in the first place.