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Hosting a dinner party this weekend, but unsure of how to decorate the table for a traditional Italian feast? Fear not, we’ve got you covered.

When it comes to table décor, the Italians are renowned for their beauty and style, and so we’ve pulled together some of our top tips to ensure you impress your dinner guests.

  1. Flowers are a must

When decorating your Italian-themed table, flowers are an essential addition.  There is no such thing as ‘too many flowers’ and the more striking they look, the better. Try to stick with a colour-scheme, whether this may be warm autumnal colours, such as roses and chrysanthemums, or splashing some summer colours around using lilies and marigolds, whatever the theme there will be flowers to fit.

Fancy spicing up your flower decorations? Use large candles which can form a base to wrap the flowers around, creating a sense of elegance and beauty, to add to a romantic and intimate setting.

*Remember: Candles can be a fire hazard, so be cautious and ensure the flowers are a safe distance from the candle wick to avoid setting alight.

  1. Go Rustic

When it comes to a classic look and feel, the Italians do it best. When your guests arrive, they want to feel at home, in a cosy and comfortable environment. The perfect way to engage this look is to decorate the table with objects that give a slightly rugged feel. Stones are a great addition to a rustic table design, fill stone-base bowls with florals, or line stone pottery pieces along the centre of the table.

Alternatively, use a few traditional wrought iron candle sticks to dress up your table. This also gives a taste of grandeur for your guests.


  1. Finding the right table cloth

Not only are table cloths useful for keeping your table clean and tidy, but they also contribute hugely towards the decoration, whether this may be a patterned linen, or something much plainer. Traditionally, Italians like to use the iconic red chequered table linen, so that the patterned linen doesn’t distract too much from the other decorations along the table.

If you can’t find a chequered table cloth, or you’re worried it’ll clash with your dining room interior, don’t worry too much, there are plenty of other options out there, including plain linen which goes with anything!


  1. Should I use specific crockery?

Don’t worry too much about this one, Italians aren’t too fussy when it comes to the colour of your plates and bowls – just try to ensure they match!

Italians live for olive oil and vinegar, so try dressing up the table even more, by scattering small ramekin dishes filled with condiments such as oil and vinegar, which adds to your decoration, and also looks prettier than keeping the bottles sat on the table.

Bright napkins can also help to bring your table to life, as simple as it sounds; colours like red, yellow and orange create vibrancy and add splashes of colour, which the Italians love!

Jotted all those tips down? Now you’re ready to ‘wow’ your guests and master your table decoration skills. Need meal inspiration for your dinner party? Take a look at our top 5 top dishes and see which ones take your fancy!


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