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As spring sets in, the nights begin to get lighter and days get warmer, it’s only natural that we want to eat dishes which are a little less heavy than what we may have been eating during the winter months.

We no longer crave hearty meat stews, but instead we desire lighter bites, with a glass of chilled white wine sat out on our outside terrace and just like that, you’re taken back to the  Sicilian coast on a warm summer’s day.


We’ve gathered five of our favourite seasonal dishes, which you absolutely must try this spring.

  1. Fritto Misto

If you’re feeling a little peckish during your day of shopping, then take a walk over to the Jewellery Quarter and stop by the restaurant for a bite to eat. If you don’t think you can manage a large meal, take a look at our antipasti options – they’re tasty, light and the perfect sharer amongst friends. Enjoy a selection of lightly seasoned calamari, king prawns, scallops with a side of sweet chilli sauce.

  1. Funghi con Fomaggio di Capra

If you’re a lover of mushrooms, then this starter is the one for you. Come along and enjoy grilled Portobello mushrooms, soaked in garlic butter, layered with melted goats’ cheese and tomato sauce – a new addition to the Cucina Rustica menu this spring which will make your mouth water.

  1. Insalata Di Pollo

There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you like a good salad every now and again and our Insalata di Pollo is to die for, with a chunky piece of grilled chicken sat on a bed of crispy pancetta, combining mixed leaves, juicy beef tomatoes, red onion, parmesan and a creamy Caesar dressing.


  1. Risotto con Funghi

To welcome the summer months, our head chef has introduced one of the most freshly flavoured risottos to cook this spring, as some of our favourite vegetables come into season. Our delightful risotto con funghi, combines a selection of mushrooms, with fresh asparagus and a light creamy sauce to finish. Lightly season with salt and pepper, and serve with a glass of chilled Pinot Grigio and you’re all set!

  1. Fish* special

Cod, the white, mild flavoured fish is available throughout the year, but is particularly delicious during the spring months. Each week, we serve our popular rustic roasted cod special, to give our guests a fresh tasting dish packed full of various textures and flavours. Sitting on a bed of spinach, with a scattering of spicy sausage, and a generous drizzling of creamy lobster bisque and tomato sauce – this one is perfect for enjoying with a side of sauté potatoes and a light side salad.


To see other options available in the restaurant, check out our full menu here.

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