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So you’ve got a big meeting coming up with a prospective client and you want to discuss some important details about the pending project over lunch. Of course, it’s vital that you make a good impression, and that means getting every detail right.

Whether you’re researching the right restaurant, perfecting your table manners or choosing the ‘least messy’ meal, we understand that a client lunch could be crucial to your business.

We’ve developed 5 top tips to help you sail through your meeting:

1.Don’t be late

Rule number one, never be late to a client meeting. Ever. The best thing you can do is to arrive early and be seated at an appropriate table (not too loud so you can discuss business without needing to shout) and let the staff know that you will be the one paying the bill at the end of the lunch – this will ensure you avoid all awkwardness of payment at the end of your meeting

2. Choose your location wisely

It’s important that you choose your location based on ‘what you know’. Just because a brand new restaurant has opened up around the corner from your offices, doesn’t mean that you’ll get star points from your new client. As tempting as it may be to flash the cash, stick with a restaurant you know in familiar surroundings. You may also want to double check with your client that they don’t have any dietary requirements, as this could also determine where you choose to go.

3. Be polite to your waiter/waitress

When impressing a potential client over lunch, it’s crucial that you remain well-mannered to staff. Your behavior may suffer consequences, as your potential client may worry that after a while you’ll begin to display the same attitude towards them and their team.

4. Think about what to order beforehand

If you’re sitting opposite your potential new client and you decide to order shelled prawns, it might not be the best decision you’ve made! A client certainly doesn’t want to sit there whilst you pull apart the prawns and end up with mucky hands. Go for something ‘easy to eat’ which requires a knife and fork and not just your hands – you’ll thank us in the long run!

5. Have a conversation 

Remember to enjoy yourself at the same time! Although prospective client meetings can be daunting, you want to get to know your new client too. Ask about their family, or if their planning on jetting off anywhere nice over the summer and you’ll soon find the conversation is flowing before you launch into business speak for the remainder of the lunch.

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