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Tips for Planning the Perfect Work Christmas Party

Christmas is just around the corner and the work Christmas parties are in full swing. If you’re the designated party planner for this year, you’ve probably already found yourself faced with several issues; from dress code to bookings and deposits, there’s a lot to think about when planning the perfect work Christmas party.

Throughout the years, we’ve hosted many successful Christmas parties here at Cucina Rustica and would like to share with you the key points that we believe help to plan your work Christmas party to ensure it goes off without a hitch (no matter how many bottles of champagne get consumed!).


Find the Right Venue for your Company

Every company is unique and there is a no size fits all option for where you should host your Christmas party! As a rule, if your company is very corporate, don’t choose a small, run down pub as your venue – no matter how charming! In the same way that if you have a company who are very rowdy and enjoy nothing more than necking pints, heading to Michelin star restaurant may not be quite right for you. Pick somewhere that will cater for the youngest and oldest person in your company as well as one that has a menu and drinks selection to suit all tastes.

Establish a Proper Dress code for the Whole Night
There’s nothing worse than turning up in a three piece suit when all your colleagues are in Christmas jumpers. Make sure everyone knows what the plan is for the evening so people can wear appropriate footwear, similar clothing and outfits that can work at a number of different venues should you choose to move on after your meal.

Tie down Numbers Early on
You’ve probably been organising your Christmas party for a couple of months now – and so you should’ve been! Make sure you tie down numbers as soon as possible so that the company doesn’t lose any deposits and so that there are no surprises in numbers closer to the time. Most people are pretty good at committing to the Work Christmas Party so hopefully this shouldn’t be too much of a problem!

Establish a Behind Bar Budget
Managing expectations, especially when it comes to alcohol is crucial for a conflict and confusion free night. If your company is kind enough to put a certain amount behind the bar for employees to get their drinks with, be sure to tell them a cut off time or exactly how much they’re allowed to spend (unless it’s limitless of course!).

Ensure Food is ordered well in Advance
No one likes having to wait ages for their food at a restaurant, we all know that! In order to avoid faff at the table when ordering and to make sure food comes quickly and efficiently, get your orders in well in advance. This is also a really good time to check for allergies – establish if anyone has any and alert the restaurant in advance.

Choose a Friday or Saturday
In our experience, holding your Christmas party on a Friday or Saturday night works better than a week night. If people know they have to get up early and go to work the morning after, they’re likely to not have quite as a good time as they would if they know they can lie in and have a relaxing morning the next day. Similarly, having all of your employees tired and hungover the next morning in the office never leads to a particularly productive day!

We hope you find these tips and we wish you the most wonderful  work Christmas party whether you’ve chosen to have it with us or not!


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