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Combating the January Blues with Italian Food

It’s THAT time of the year. The buzz and glamour of Christmas and New Year have passed, and the festive decorations have been put away for another year. It’s easy to feel a little bare and lacklustre in January. But we’re here to remind you of the simple things that can bring back your sparkle – FOOD. And there is nothing quite like good, hearty Italian food to fillthat emptiness and keep those January blues at bay.

Italian food is not only the ultimate comfort food, it is a sensation for the taste buds. Rich in nutritious vegetables and herbs with olive oil in abundance, it’s both nourishing for our bodies and our souls.

Here’s some of our favourite dishes to enjoy at this time of year to get us feeling positive and fulfilled!

Filling and hearty, pasta dishes are great for the weather around this time of year. Whether it’s a vibrant, spicy arrabbiata, a rich and meaty Bolognese, or a creamy gnocchi dish, all topped with lashings of parmesan, of course, it’s a classic Italian favourite that’s sure to warm you up through a bout of January blues.


Let’s face it, there’s never a bad time for pizza, and least of all in January. It has all the essential components of a comfort dish. Piping hot bread, fragrant and rich tomato sauce and everyone’s true love – good, Italian mozzarella! Personalise your pizza with your favourite toppings and remind yourself of life’s simple pleasures by taking time out at least once a week to enjoy this warm hug on a plate.

While we might often prefer to enjoy seafood on warm, sunny days, this is one that evokes memories of summer and holidays in the Mediterranean for us. And what better to bring the feel-good vibes and energise you through the January blues than happy memories of good food and good times in sunnier climes?


So, take some time out to cook up some Italian treats for you and your loved ones this January to keep the positivity flowing. And if you just can’t face the cooking or the washing up, you can always join us for delicious, home cooked Italian food in our cosy little spot in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, nestled close to the picturesque St Paul’s Square. Our warm and inviting atmosphere will only add to that feel-good factor!

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