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Self-Care Week this November

Located in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, Cucina Rustica welcomes you into our lovely little Italian restaurant during this year’s Self-Care week (12th – 18th November). As a caring bunch by nature, it seems only right for us to emphasise the importance of self-care. Grab a cuppa and join us for a little read on how to look after your well-being during Self-Care Week, and in general!

We all know it’s important to take care of yourself – but sometimes it’s easy to forget the little things. Knowing how to prevent illness, and how to take care of yourself, should minor illnesses occur, is crucial to your own physical and mental wellbeing. We’ve listed some little memos below to help you be the healthiest version of yourself especially as the cold season kicks in.


They say ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away’ – so remember to eat well and you’ll feel well! We are firm believers of eating well and use only the freshest ingredients in our cooking. A meal at Cucina Rustica could not only be the treat night you deserve during this Self-Care Week, but also the little reminder you might need to ensure you think ahead about planning your meals the healthy way. By eating well, you’ll build up your immune system and prevent illness during this years’ cold and flu season. If we fill our bodies with the right ingredients we’re guaranteed to be more alert and all round happier day today. Life isn’t about a restricted diet, it’s about getting the right balance of everything. Below we’ve suggested some hearty, healthy and delicious dishes that you need to try.


Talking of apples, our Insalata Di Anatra with crispy duck, pancetta, apple, rocket and balsamic glaze is a great shout and proof that salads don’t have to be boring! Salads are a great way to get your greens in and nourish your body with all the plant goodness, coupled with delicious dressings and tasty additions like duck.


Full of antioxidants, vitamins A and B, protein and potassium our grilled Portobello mushroom, with garlic butter, goats cheese and tomato sauce is the perfect dish to start your meal off the right way. From our Gli Antipasti Menu, this dish is one of our favourites, and not too heavy, meaning you have room for more deliciously nourishing food!


Whilst our Main Menu is of course, always full of nourishing and hearty goodness, we make the effort with our Special Menu to ensure there is an everchanging list of taste sensations available. This roasted lemon sole in a white wine sauce, with grilled asparagus featured on our Special Menu not so long ago, is a fine example of the tasty new dishes we create daily. Join us at Cucina Rustica this Self-Care Week and be sure to ask for the Special Menu to see what nutritional dishes, made with the freshest ingredients you could treat yourself to.


Part of the reason behind Self-Care Week is making sure we all know when we can treat our illnesses at home or through our local pharmacy, and when seeing a doctor really is necessary. Ensuring that everybody only sees a doctor when essential, should help to relieve some of the pressures on the NHS and in turn reduce things like waiting times and wasted budgets. This is something we are all affected by, so knowing how we as individuals can help is great. It’s also good to know we might be over-worrying about symptoms and that we probably are OK.


Ensuring that we make time for ourselves may seem easier said than done, but this Self-Care Week, we urge you to remember its value. Taking time-out to not think about, or do any work is essential. Remove yourself from the fast pace of life to nurture your mind, body and soul. Meditation and yoga are great ways of removing yourself from the chaos and spending time with your mind and body, to clear negativity and relieve stress. Making time to spend with our loved ones and do the things we enjoy is also a great way to nurture our mental well-being. A date night or a social evening with some friends at Cucina Rustica, could be just what you need after a long day at work! Be sure to get enough sleep, too!


Exercise is not only a great way to improve your physical health and fitness, but it also does a brilliant job of relieving built up stresses and nurturing your mental health, too. Making this a key part of your daily routine will make such a difference to your overall energy and well-being.

We’d be delighted to host you this Self-Care Week whilst you give yourself that well needed ‘time-out’ and the wholesome food your body needs.

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