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Our favourite Pasta Dishes – all served at Cucina Rustica

It’s no secret that pasta is a big part of Italian cooking. We take pride in curating our menu to include some of the tastiest of pasta dishes, inspired by Italian favourites. While we all think of pasta as culturally Italian, it is in fact likely to be a descendant of the Asian noodle. It’s commonly believed that pasta was brought to Italy from China by Marco Polo during the 13th century. (Thank goodness for that!) Listed below are our top-pasta-picks from our Main Menu.


Our chicken breast with fresh spinach, cream and parmesan cheese is the perfect combination of flavour and texture. Succulent chicken in the creamiest of sauces, cooked to perfection. Try it with a glass of Italian white wine for an extra indulgent meal.


This one’s for the veggies of Birmingham, and we just know it won’t let you down. Spinach, courgettes, asparagus and butter in a pecorino cheese sauce. Delightfully tasty with zero meat in sight.


We couldn’t list our pasta favourites without naming the ultimate go-to. Lasagne is favoured by families all over the UK for a delicious dinner fix, but it’s a staple throughout Italy in some of its finest restaurants. Bakes pasta sheets Minced beef, tomato and mozzarella lie between baked pasta sheets, served in a traditional pot


Popular amongst meat lovers, our wild boar filled pasta, in a light cream porcini sauce is a flavour combination that is so worthy of a visit.


Because what is a favourites list without including some potato-goodness? This dish is also vegetarian! Simple but satisfying, walnuts add a little crunch, whilst baby spinach and gorgonzola sauce delivers the main flavours in the dish.


Whilst this Lobster Linguine with Prawns isn’t on our everyday menu, dishes like this can be found on our Special Menu each day. We use seasonal ingredients to create indulgent dishes fit for a King (or Queen). Be sure to ask for the menu when dining with us!

Come along to Cucina Rustica and let us know what your favourite pasta pick from our menu might be! We love our pasta dishes, and we know you’ll love them too! For a taste of Modern Italian cooking, treat yourself to a meal out with us, we have great knowledge of our menus and can assist you in finding your perfect dish.

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