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Father’s Day at Cucina Rustica

Wine and dine your Dad this Father’s Day with a meal at Cucina Rustica. Thank him for all the love and support he’s showed to you over the years with a taste of Modern Italy. You won’t even need to venture a step further than Birmingham’s picturesque Jewellery Quarter!


Known for its iconic food and generous hospitality, Italy treasures it’s culinary traditions and places food at the heart of any celebration.

No matter where you’re from, eating a meal together with your family is common, and a joy we often don’t acknowledge enough. When celebrating, food makes way into the greatness of the day in almost every culture. If you’re all grown up now, it may have been a while since the whole family sat around the table together to eat. This is a memory a Father holds onto and cherishes forever once his loved apples have fallen from the tree. So when family meals do occur, a reminiscent and happy glow will twinkle in the eyes of parents – it makes them happy to be all together again, and gives a sense of pride as time with new additions to the family is enjoyed.

The dinner table is at the core of every home, it brings the family together at the end of each day. The dinner table encourages conversation and encourages connection. The dinner table asks how your day has been and what you’ve recently achieved. The dinner table loves and watches you grow from child to adult, until one day you’re suddenly capable of making your own way in the world independently. But the dinner table is the place to bring back memories, to reminisce, to celebrate, to appreciate and to love.  It ties family together and will always be the central meeting ground, no matter how far you may venture. There is no day better than Father’s Day, to entertain the dinner table metaphor and enjoy some hearty food, great conversation and unconditional love.

Book a table with us and we’ll take care of food side of things. So you can wholly enjoy that time at the dinner table, reminiscing on childhood memories and showing Dad just how much you appreciate his care.


Deeply rooted in Catholic Traditions, Italians celebrate their Father’s each year on St Joseph’s day or ‘Festa del Papa’ on 19th March. Celebrating Father’s Day holds long honoured customs and traditions that have evolved over time.

Just like in the UK, it is common for children to buy or make gifts for their Dad, to show appreciation for his love, compassion and respect. In many parts of Italy, street parades can be found celebrating St Joseph and all the Father’s across the country. The festivity is marked with days of live music, dancing and of course food!

Many Italian families will also go to church on Father’s Day, to offer their prayers to St Joseph.

After Mass, one thing is for certain – every family will be found enjoying a feast of traditional Italian food!


However you end up spending your day with Dad – enjoy it and make another memory to cherish!

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