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Charity Bread at Cucina Rustica

To celebrate St Mary’s Hospice providing life-changing care to those in the Birmingham and Sandwell area for 40 years – we’ve introduced ‘Charity Bread’ to run throughout October at Cucina Rustica.


We’ve decided that for every basket of bread delivered to your table, we’ll adding an optional £1 to your bill. Every penny of this will be donated to St Mary’s Hospice to help fund the incredible work they do. The £1 will be automatically added to your bill, but you can choose to opt-out if you wish. Our baskets are usually complimentary – but we’re now asking you to pay a minimum of an English pound to go to St Mary’s! If you’d like to donate a little more, please let us know! Our fresh Italian bread is incredibly popular with our guests, so if you enjoy, please do donate in the name of a good cause!


St Mary’s Hospice provide vital care for those living with life-limiting illnesses. As Birmingham’s largest independent hospice, they care for over 400 people in their own homes or at the hospice. Though this is only made possible by generous donations from the public and the hard work of volunteers.

As a charity, it’ll cost them £9 million to run their crucial services this year. Allowing patients and their loved ones to receive expert care whenever and wherever they need it. This makes generous donations and fundraising events vital to provide the care needed.

The charity was founded in 1979 by a remarkable woman named Monica Pearce. As a retired nurse, she used her knowledge to ‘enable anyone with a life-limiting illness to live their life to the full’ and set up St. Mary’s Hospice. This mission is one staff still stand by today and Monica’s hard work and legacy lives on. She envisioned a hospice for people of all faiths and worked tirelessly to raise £350,000 to begin the project. This month we wanted to celebrate the progress they’ve made over the 40 years and help to raise money and awareness for the wonderful work they do – hence our ‘Charity Bread’.


Made in-house every morning, our fresh Italian bread is a great example of how bread should be served everywhere! Give it a try and feel good about the money from your purchase going to a charitable cause.


Whilst in England we tend to enjoy the bread for the table at the beginning of our meal with some balsamic and olive oil… It’s actually traditional for Italians to use the bread at the end of their meal, to mop up the delicious sauces left on their plate! Whatever your style – it’ll taste great knowing the proceeds are going to a fantastic and local cause. So, please do order a basket and help St Mary’s Hospice to reach their target!


To find out more about the charity please click here.


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