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Tastes of Southern Italy

We’re hosting a food and wine tasting night and we want you to be there! We’ll be serving up a 6-course tasting menu inspired by Southern Italy’s most delightful dishes. Together with the food, you’ll enjoy an informative tutored wine tasting from Phil Innes Of Loki Wine. He’ll be hand selecting wines that match perfectly with the food and guiding you through the reasons why!


We wanted to explore the south, as its cuisine is often forgotten about. It’s the poorest part of Italy, so you’ll find great contrasts in its food as you move from region to region. Dishes are created based on what is seasonally available in each area. Though the land in the South adds richness to many traditionally Italian staple ingredients.

The region of Naples is blessed with the rich volcanic soil from the Mount Vesuvius. Crops such as plum tomatoes, aubergine, broccoli and courgette benefit from the rich soil – and taste amazing!

In the city of Campania, water buffalos are raised so their milk can be used to add the tangy taste and full richness to Buffalo Mozzarella, a distinct taste that cow’s milk mozzarella lacks.

Whether it’s the Pasta Fritters of Naples, Olive Oil of Abruzzo, spicy dishes of Calabrian or fine cheeses of Puglia – The South of Italy has a lot of distinct flavours to offer. We saw this as a perfect opportunity to present to you some greatly flavourful dishes, accompanied by local wines.


Tastes of Southern Italy will be an elaborate evening full of great food and wines. Hosted at Cucina Rustica, by Phil Innes of Loki Wine, you’ll get to explore the flavours of the South, without having to leave Birmingham! Each course has been designed to take your taste-buds on a journey to a different region. You’ll enjoy local dishes and wines, and leave having learnt some fun facts! This event is perfect if you’re a foodie and even better if you love the Italian Cuisine!


Please click here to purchase tickets and find out more about the event. It’d make a perfect Christmas gift for a foodie friend, too!


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