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Charity Bread at Cucina Rustica

If you dined with Cucina Rustica from October to the end of 2019, you may very well have taken part in our Charity Bread scheme. In which case, we’d like to issue a huge thank you.

We’re proud to say that the campaign with Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice was a huge success, and it’s all thanks to our fantastic customers! Together we raised an amazing £859 which we decided to raise to £1000 to further aid Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice.


Here’s how it worked: for every basket of our delicious bread which was brought to your table, you had the opportunity to donate £1 to the great work being done at Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice.

Our bread is made fresh and in-house on a daily basis, and is often met by hungry eyes and approving looks when it’s brought to a customer’s table. Like everything on our menu, we strive to make our bread reflect the authentic Italian dining experience. As you know, no Italian meal is complete without the delicious smell and taste of fresh, warm bread.


Originally, the campaign was supposed to run only through October. But, seeing the enthusiasm of our customers for both a great local charity and fresh bread, we extended the scheme to the end of 2019.

Not only did this help to raise more money, but it also increased the awareness for Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice. This exposure helped to further highlight their amazing work, which is great!

Every day, Birmingham St Mary’s cares for and supports 500 people living with life-limiting illness across Birmingham and Sandwell. These people and their loved ones have access to St Mary’s hard working staff and supportive environment at no cost to them.

This support includes personalised medical care, bereavement support for families, and therapeutic activity days. Care can be provided in people’s homes, in the community and at the Hospice itself.

It will cost £9 million this year to keep the Hospice’s vital services running. Only 36% of this is provided by the NHS. As the support provided by the Hospice is free to patients, St Mary’s relies heavily on donations and fundraising efforts from the local community.


Charity Bread proved to be a big hit with our customers. They get our delicious, signature bread, as well as the opportunity to donate to a fantastic local cause. Whilst Birmingham St Mary’s, of course gets a boost in funding for their vital work in the community. Everyone wins!

Abi Coulson, Corporate Partnerships Coordinator at Birmingham St Mary’s, expressed the charity’s gratitude for the scheme, stating:

Thank you to all the generous customers at Cucina Rustica who made a donation with their bread. £1,000 is an impressive amount and will help care for more people to live well with illness. As all of our services are free of charge, we really do rely on the generosity of local people and businesses to help care for individuals and their loved ones whenever and wherever they need it most.”

Abi also described how £1000 could make a difference.

“£1,000 could pay for a whole day of Hospice at Home care, supporting those patients who are at the very end of life and want to stay at home. Our nurses will provide compassionate care and emotional support to individuals, as well as helping family members, carers and loved ones too.”

Wherever the money ends up, it’s guaranteed to be directly supporting Birmingham St Mary’s. We at Cucina Rustica couldn’t be happier with the success.

Fear not, you can still enjoy our bread!

You can find out more about Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice here.


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